Member Press Release

Shannon Waltchack/TCN Worldwide in Birmingham Launches Brokerlord Podcast

“I hope this show will empower thousands of brokers to take their first steps towards ownership. It’s been my experience that 90% of brokers will never own assets that they understand better than most. I hope to change that,” said Waltchack.


Shannon Waltchack/TCN Worldwide Partner Derek Waltchack launched Brokerlord, a new podcast that features interviews with top commercial real estate dealmakers who began their careers as commercial brokers and have made a name for themselves as owners and landlords. Derek travels across the country to interview 50 brokers from 50 states, aiming for one in each state. Click to learn more.

The first season features five TCN members including, Texas with Bob Cromwell, II, California with Barry Beitler, Arizona with Jon Rosenberg, Colorado with Marc Lippitt, and Alabama with Len Shannon. Each episode begins with the story of their first deal and continues with successes and failures along the way. Listeners will explore how to make the transition to ownership, sourcing equity, finding deals, life lessons and so much more.