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First Houston Office Building To Install Infectious Air Defense System

TCP Realty Services, LLC Unveils the Installation of NASA developed CIMR® Air Defense System After Implementation of the DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process. Spencer Starkey and Kevin Nolan with Moody Rambin/TCN Worldwide are the leasing agents for the property.

The Spectrum Office Building, located at 5858 Westheimer Road, has installed the NASA developed CIMR® (Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction) Air Defense System, which actively destroys viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, and other microbial threats in the ambient air. Additionally, the DIS.IN.FX® treatment program was implemented in June, with monthly treatments to remove harmful microbials from the building’s lease spaces and common areas.

TCP Realty Services made the decision to install the CIMR® system in order to provide a safer work environment for both current and future tenants. “At the start of the pandemic, we began looking at active solutions”, said TCP Realty Services’ Co-Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, David Thomas. “We came across this technology developed by NASA for a deep space disinfectant that is actively distributed within the building air rather than static in the air handler room.”

Prior to the addition of CIMR®, TCP Realty Services hired DIS.IN.FX® to ensure that all areas of the building are disinfected, antimicrobial coated and Germ Expert Certified™ on a monthly basis. The DIS.IN.FX® treatment process tests and treats the building using a combination of spraying a proprietary blend of high-powered disinfectants, cleaners, and RAZOR Antimicrobial Coating™ that lasts thirty days.

According to TCP’s vendor,, CIMR® technology uses odorless, invisible, and safe for all hydrogen peroxide air gas (DHP) to sanitize the office building. DHP is not in the form of a vapor or liquid, enabling it to be airborne without gravity limitations, destroying 99.999 percent of all known virus, bacteria, mold, and mildew at the molecular level. The technology stays suspended in their air and recirculates through the building HVAC air circulation sanitizing the coil and ductwork.

With the combination of both the DIS.IN.FX® treatment program and the instillation of the CIMR® Air Defense System, the Spectrum Office Building is the first and only multi-tenant office building in Houston to incorporate such technology, providing a safer and healthier work environment for tenants in the market.

The Spectrum Office Building is an eight-story, Class B, office building located at Fountain View Drive and Westheimer Road in the San Felipe/Voss submarket. Spencer Starkey and Kevin Nolan with Moody Rambin are the leasing agents for the property. The property is owned (with ownership onsite) and managed on-site by TCP Realty Services. For more information about this property, please call Moody Rambin at (713) 773-5500.