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TCN Worldwide is a member-focused organization serving two key constituencies. First, we work with the Owners/Principals of our member firms to help them create a more successful and profitable company. Second, we provide the brokers/agents with the tools, training and resources to compete more effectively in their marketplace. Our membership is comprised of select independent Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Management and Investment firms around the world.  These company’s; and their brokers, agents and other professionals; are able to access tangible tools that directly affect the day-to-day success of the business owner, producers and other industry professionals.

TCN Worldwide, formed in 1989, is a member-owned international real estate consortium comprised of independent commercial real estate firms serving more than 200 markets worldwide with over 1,500 professionals. Each market is geographically distinct, ensuring an atmosphere of partnership. The organization is supported by the member firms and is focused on helping each member firm and their agents compete more successfully in their local market. 

For the Principals – Owners:

  • Best Practices sharing with market-leading, non-competitive professionals covering all aspects of owning, managing, growing, and ultimately disposing of your company;
  • Pooling your resources with others to provide recruiting, education, marketing, and other tools that allow you to compete at a higher level and enhance value in a cost-effective manner;
  • Almost all of our Principals/Owners are also investors in CRE for the purpose of building wealth – whether it is a personal investment, partnership, or starting your own investment fund we are a resource for reaching the next level.

For the Brokers – Agents:

  • First and foremost TCN Worldwide is designed to help you secure 3 - 4 new assignments per year that you might otherwise not secure on your own:
    • Transaction Database – comprised of  30,000+ client relationships shared by the TCN Professionals
    • Investment Listings – we provide a proprietary database of buyers for marketing your listings and, more importantly, that marketing materials to present these tools to your prospects/clients
    • Global Coverage – answer the need for global coverage while retaining the freedom to put your clients' needs and preferences first (we give you the global coverage to compete for business but the freedom to work with whom you chose in each market – the best of both worlds);
    • Content for your marketing and social media efforts – TCN is a regular source for content to enhance your social media campaigns
  • Networking with your peers
  • Education and Career Development

TCN Worldwide is a ‘Company based’ membership and we have a policy of making sure our members do not compete with each other in terms of daily brokerage activities (owning assets or providing limited services in other markets is encouraged). Each member firm is an equal owner of TCN Worldwide and participates in electing the Board of Directors that oversees the daily operations. We operate similar to a non-profit to ensure that all of our efforts are focused on enhancing your profitability – not ours. The membership dues range from a low of $4,000 US per year to a maximum of $40,000 US per year based on the population of the market area served and the specialties (office, retail, industrial, MF, etc.) covered. TCN Worldwide also hosts several conferences, webinars, training programs, and other events throughout the year.

TCN Worldwide ranks as one of the largest service providers in the commercial real estate industry and offers a wide range of tools to its members and their agents. Our platform is designed to result in improved performance by the companies that are members and all of their brokers, agents and professionals.
Our focus is on supporting our TCN Worldwide member firms and their agents, and we love hearing their feedback!

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