Willa McNamarra Fields

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Investment Properties, Office
825 S. Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049
United States
(310) 820-2955
(310) 820-7224

Willa McNamarra Fields has been involved in commercial office leasing and sales since 1978. Willa has been an Executive Vice President with Beitler Commercial Realty Services since 1980. As a senior agent in the Corporate Services Group, Willa has achieved the honor of Beitler’s Top Broker in 27 of her 30 years with the company. Consistently ranked by local publications as one of the region’s top agents, Willa has been responsible for some of the most sizable lease and sale transactions. Past and present clientele include the following entities:

Financial Representation:

Alder Green & Hasson, American Express Tax & Business Services, Bank of America, Beverly Hills Financial Group, Bond Capital Group, Breslauer, Jacobson & Rutman; Capital Bank of California, First Union Securities

Law Firm Representation:

Cooley Manion, Cooper, Epstein & Hurewitz; Fonda & Hilberman; Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown; Herzog & Fisher; Kleinberg, Lopez, Lange, Brisbin & Cuddy; David Lapin & Associates; Levinson, Arshonsky & Kurtz, LLP

Entertainment Representation:

Agency For The Performing Arts, Alcon Entertainment, Alliance-Red Ant Entertainment, Amen Ra Films, Anschutz Entertainment, AVI Entertainment, Tyra Banks, Banner Entertainment, Bob Banner & Associates

General Representation:

Barry Design, Beny Alagem Enterprises, Beverly Hills Porsche Audi, Beverly Holdings, Daol Trust, Devon Motorworks, Edgesoft, Inc., Fashion Leather, Fatburger, Freeman Cosmetics Corp., Galaxy Laboratories,

Developer Representation:

Ross Gilbert, Koar Financial, Probity International Corporation, Salick Health Care, Ronald Simms Development Co., Southwest Value Partners, Westwood Village Development Company

Property Representations:

Andelson Properties, ARYA, Beverly Mercedes Plaza, The Columbia Savings Portfolio, The Geffen/Salick Partnership, Haseko Inc., The Landsburg Building, 405 S. Beverly Boulevard