Larry Cannizzaro

Personal Info

Job Function
Investment Properties, Multi Residential
825 S. Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049
United States
(310) 820-2955
(310) 820-7224

Larry Cannizzaro, Executive Vice President at Beitler, is widely recognized as an expert in Greater Los Angeles multifamily property investment. Over the past 12 years, he has closed over $600 million in multifamily real estate deals. Larry has owned and operated apartment buildings in the greater Los Angeles area since 1979, boasting nearly 40 years of investment, sales and property management experience. 

As the senior Broker at Beitler, Larry is responsible for creating property listings, and negotiating and closing deals for clients. He has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the multifamily real estate marketplace, and has a reputation for finding the best deal for clients and procuring advantageous returns on their investments. 

Larry is a broker with a genuine stake in the multifamily industry. As part of his active commitment to the community, in 2015 he cofounded the California Rental Housing Association (CalRHA)—an effective state-level advocacy organization—representing the best interests of small, medium and large rental housing owners throughout California. In addition to acting as Vice President and Chairman of CalRHA, Larry is also a delegate for the National Apartment Association (NAA), America’s leading voice for the apartment housing industry.