Bob Puckett

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210 Park Avenue
Suite 700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
United States
(405) 843-7474
(405) 236-1849

Bob Puckett joined Price Edwards & Company in 1998 as a broker in the Investment Division and is responsible for the sales and leasing of Industrial properties. The sales area deals with both users of industrial space as well as investor owned rental property. Puckett is responsible for generating the Industrial Market Summary found on the Price Edwards & Company website ( This report monitors and summarizes vacancy, new construction, sales, and leasing of industrial multi-tenant investment properties in the Oklahoma City market. Puckett has been active in industrial real estate in Oklahoma since 1987. This has included tracking 2500+ industrial companies in 1200+ industrial buildings in the Oklahoma City industrial market as well as major facility sales across the state. Puckett has been involved in the sale or leasing of over 3,300,000 square feet of industrial space.