George Larson

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Investment Properties
#200, 407 - 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1E5

George Larson’s involvement with the Calgary commercial real estate market began in 1986 when he joined Barclay Street Real Estate’s predecessor as the General Sales Manager. Prior to joining the company George worked in banking and commercial lending services for 22 years, which included directing a financial institution as a General Manager. In 1991, George took on the responsibilities of a Senior Negotiator, which he continues to carry out today. He was also a member of the partnership group that acquired the brokerage from a public company in 2001. As a senior investment sales associate of the firm, George works closely with the Barclay Street Real Estate investment sales team to ensure maximum added value is provided to his clients. In his career, George has sold over $500 million in real estate properties. George’s areas of specialization have been the mid-size retail and office sectors in Calgary and Edmonton with properties in an approximate range of $5 to $25 Million. He travels monthly to major Canadian cities to meet clients and attends ICSC conferences and other real estate forums. In his career, he has successfully represented, as exclusive agent, many of Canada’s leading private and institutional investors in their acquisition and divestiture activity in the Alberta market. As an avid family man, George enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren whenever he can and takes great satisfaction in their growth towards productive members of society.