Luis Martin del Campo, J.D.

Photo of Luis Martin del Campo, J.D.

Personal Info

Job Function
Investment Properties, Retail
900 SW Fifth Avenue, 17th Floor
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 416-8422

Luis focuses on tenants and owners ranging from local to international presence. He specializes on lease acquisition, lease negotiations and the purchase and sale of commercial properties. Luis has worked with start-ups, restaurants, non profits, and other businesses owners to find the best solutions to suit their needs. He asks the right questions to understand and serve the client’s needs.

Luis was formerly with Somerset Wealth Strategies providing financial consulting services and sales of fixed retirement investments. Luis has also conducted investigations for the State of Oregon relating to civil rights, labor, and retirement benefits. With over 8 years of legal experience, he has worked with business owners and regulators to resolve issues and negotiate conflicts in business and contracts. He also has experience with bar/restaurant management as well as grocery store operations.