[Webinar Recording] The road to recovery – Adapting Your Brokerage to Survive and Thrive - Featuring TCN’s Ross Ford


Thank you to biproxi for hosting this webinar.

Brokerages who have weathered the pandemic storm are reemerging with a new outlook on what it means to be in business. Navigating change and keeping employees motivated are some of the secrets to not only survive, but to thrive.  See the full webinar here:

Americans, though reluctant, are coping with a new normal and we’re seeing brokerages who have weathered the storm reemerge with a new outlook on what it means to be in business during a pandemic.

Biproxi sat down with the CEOs of NAI and TCN Worldwide for an insightful conversation on what they’re seeing their brokerages/brokers doing during this time.

We answered questions like what are some of the biggest changes top brokerages have had to navigate? How are brokers and their admins staying motivated? Will this have a lasting impact on our industry? And that was just the tip of the iceberg.