TCN Worldwide Webinar: 2022 Year-End Economic Outlook for Real Estate Investors and Business Decision Makers with Dr. Mark Dotzour

Thank you to those who attended this TCN Worldwide Webinar!


We are proud to present this special TCN Worldwide webinar featuring Dr. Mark Dotzour, a frequent participant at TCN conferences and one of the truly ‘entertaining economists’ to provide an economic update and forecast for TCN members as well as their clients, prospects, friends, and family.

Join TCN Worldwide and Dr. Mark Dotzour as he discusses:

  • What is the outlook for inflation?
  • How will that translate into the cost of borrowing for developers and CRE investors?
  • How will all of this impact cap rates?
  • What is the outlook for a recession?
  • Will all regions in the US experience a recession?
  • What is the current investor appetite for commercial real estate?

Special Guest Speaker:

Dr. Mark G. Dotzour (CRE Economist)
Former Chief Economist and Director of Research at Texas A & M University

Dr. Mark G. Dotzour is a real estate economist who served for 18 years as Chief Economist of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University in College Station. He has given more than 1,600 presentations to more than 295,000 people and has written over 90 articles for magazines and journals. His research findings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, and Business Week.

His clients include banks, private equity firms, real estate investment trusts, construction firms, engineering companies, wealth managers, private foundations, and commercial and residential brokerage firms. He has also made presentations to local and national trade associations all over America. He makes complex economic issues easily understandable. Mark’s goal is to provide his audience with a “tool kit” of useful information that will help them make good business decisions for their families, their clients, and their company.

In 2015, Dotzour stepped down from his position at the Real Estate Center to focus all of his time and effort on analyzing current economic conditions and communicating his analysis to others. He combines academic training in economics, real estate, finance, and history to make sense of current economic trends.

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