TCN Worldwide Announces Dealius as a 2020 Gold Sponsor

TCN Worldwide is proud to announce Dealius as a 2020 gold sponsor. Dealius is an all-in-one brokerage management platform designed to easily automate, organize and simplify the deal process from pre-listing to post-closing. Dealius integrates a portfolio of services, including robust data and transaction management solutions, into one web-based interface, suitable for any commercial real estate organization. 

Through its intuitive dashboard, clients of Dealius can track and manage listings, deal pipeline, broker commissions,  revenue forecasts, receivables, invoicing, lease renewals and more.  Dealius’ ability to track deals and access real-time reports from anywhere saves time and allows all professionals involved to work smarter and ultimately close more transactions. The design of Dealius, and its capacity to bundle all critical services into one economical platform, has positioned it to be a game-changer in today’s brokerage community.

Download this Dealius Overview to learn more: