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  Happy Thanksgiving! Podcast Edition


We hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Whether you're spending it socially isolating or just looking for a movement of isolation from the extended family we're excited to share with you some of our favorite podcasts.

Earlier this year, TCN launched its own TCN Market Minutes Podcast and it's been a pleasure interviewing many of our members as well as outside guests. Our host is Eric Odum from Florida ROI Commercial/TCN Worldwide in Tampa and we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to him for his time and expertise!

You can find all the TCN Market Minutes Podcast episodes available on our website. We'd also like to highlight a few of our favorite industry podcasts and those produced by your fellow TCN members in the sections below.

Thank you and happy listening!

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  CRE Industry Top Podcasts

America's Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show™ is the nations leading video and podcast show on commercial real estate-related topics. Host Michal Bull, economists, analysts, and market leaders share valuable intel, forecasts, and success strategies.

National Real Estate Investor's Common Area Podcast

This compact, up-tempo podcast is brought to you by the award-winning editorial staff at They put the week's most hard-hitting content into context helping commercial real estate professionals get the information they need to perform their jobs better.

  TCN Worldwide Member Podcasts

Brokerlord by Shannon Waltchack/TCN Worldwide in Birmingham

Helping Brokers Become Landlords, Shannon Waltchack/TCN Worldwide Partner Derek Waltchack launched Brokerlord, a new podcast that features interviews with top commercial real estate dealmakers who began their careers as commercial brokers and have made a name for themselves as owners and landlords. Derek travels across the country to interview 50 brokers from 50 states, aiming for one in each state.

Invest Florida by Florida ROI Commercial/TCN Worldwide in Tampa

Looking for an edge in the real estate investment market? Not sure which markets or market segments offer the best opportunities or which strategies to implement? You have come to the right place….Hosts Eric Odum and Steven Silverman blend decades of combined experience in the real estate investment market along with their expert guests covering topics in lending, investment strategies, property management, and development….giving you actionable investment ideas each and every episode you can use to learn and grow….all with a Florida twist.

Ten with Ben by Bradford Allen/TCN Worldwide in Chicago

In the Ten with Ben podcast, TCN Worldwide Board Member and Bradford Allen’s own Ben Azulay (Principal & Executive Managing Director) dives into the Chicago commercial real estate market to explore the trends and topics most relevant to tenants and discuss commercial real estate trends in this new world.

Taking Care of Business by Barclay Street Real Estate/TCN Worldwide in Calgary

The goal of Taking Care of Business is to provide you with a deeper understanding of steps that you can take to develop personal and professional success. David introduces leaders from different industries, their backgrounds, the hurdles they have faced throughout and how they overcame those challenges to create the success they cherish today. You’ll be encouraged to find one thing that you are passionate about and pursue it. Instead of thinking what can go wrong in the face of adversity, David teaches you that instead of allowing that to block your success, you can find ways to approach the test with confidence and overcome fear. David’s guests also provide recommendations to fulfill goals set by individuals looking for a career change, recent graduates, and students.


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