TCN Member Spotlight: CoStar Power Broker Awards, TCN Worldwide Power Brokers

 CoStar Power Broker Awards: TCN Worldwide Power Brokers



Each year, CoStar Group recognizes the top commercial real estate brokerage firms and brokers with its prestigious Power Broker Awards. We are proud to announce the TCN Worldwide member firms and brokers that were recently recognized by CoStar. Congratulations!


The Winners of the 2019 CoStar Power Broker Awards


Top Leasing FirmsMarket
Barclay Street Real Estate/TCN WorldwideCalgary
Bradford Allen Realty Services/TCN WorldwideChicago
Price Edwards & Company/TCN WorldwideOklahoma City
Shannon Waltchack/TCN WorldwideBirmingham
Signature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Signature Associates/TCN WorldwideToledo
Sitar Company/TCN WorldwideNorthern New Jersey
Unique Properties, Inc./TCN WorldwideDenver
Top Sales Firms 
Barclay Street Real Estate/TCN WorldwideCalgary
Mid Atlantic Commercial/TCN WorldwideHampton Roads
Signature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Signature Associates/TCN WorldwideToledo
Unique Properties, Inc./TCN WorldwideDenver
WestMark Commercial/TCN WorldwideLubbock


 Recognized TCN Worldwide Agents - 2019 CoStar Power Broker Awards

Top Office Leasing BrokersTCN Worldwide Member FirmMarket
Craig M. TuckerPrice Edwards & Company/TCN WorldwideOklahoma City
Tom FieldsPrice Edwards & Company/TCN WorldwideOklahoma City
Megan MalczewskiSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideToledo
Top Retail Leasing Brokers
George WilliamsPrice Edwards & Company/TCN WorldwideOklahoma City
Kenneth SchuckmanSchuckman Realty, Inc./TCN WorldwideLong Island
Bruce BajaSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Joe RizqallahSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideWest Michigan
Top Industrial Leasing Brokers
Jon MookBarclay Street Real Estate/TCN WorldwideCalgary
Greg HudasSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Brad ViergeverSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Steve GordonSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Joseph HamwaySignature Associates/TCN WorldwideDetroit
Top Sales Brokers  
Jon MookBarclay Street Real Estate/TCN WorldwideCalgary
Monty SpencerMid Atlantic Commercial/TCN WorldwideHampton Roads
Robert MackSignature Associates/TCN WorldwideToledo
Alison BlalockWestMark Commercial/TCN WorldwideLubbock


Every year CoStar Power Broker Awards celebrates the top CRE firms and brokers in the United States and Canada. Over the past 20 years, CoStar has recognized industry leaders for their success in the commercial real estate market. Your winning performance places you in elite company and is based on your overall transaction volume in 2019 as reported to CoStar and measured against all the active commercial real estate brokers in your market.

As the largest research organization serving commercial real estate, CoStar is pleased to independently confirm and recognize the most active firms and individual dealmakers in the United States each year.

About TCN Worldwide

TCN Worldwide, a consortium of leading independent commercial real estate firms, provides complete integrated real estate solutions locally and internationally. With commercial real estate professionals serving more than 200 primary and secondary markets worldwide, TCN Worldwide is one of the most comprehensive service providers in the industry. An extensive range of real estate services coupled with a personal commitment to exceed client expectations is what allows TCN Worldwide to be a leader in the commercial real estate industry.

TCN Worldwide ranks as one of the largest service providers in the industry, consisting of more than 1,500 commercial real estate professionals in 60+ offices, collectively representing more than $41.3 billion in annual transaction volume.


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