Ross Ford Celebrates 20 Years as President & CEO of TCN Worldwide



Ross Ford Celebrates 20 Years as President & CEO of TCN Worldwide

This year, on June 30th, Ross Ford celebrated his 20th year anniversary as President & CEO of TCN Worldwide Real Estate Services. Ross has been responsible for the strategic direction of the organization and the implementation of all expansion and networking initiatives since 1998 and has continually created strategic value throughout the organization. We thank him for his many years of guidance and success!

Ross started with TCN Worldwide in 1998, orchestrating a national growth strategy successfully expanding the membership base of the organization and strengthening its financial and organizational structure. In no small part, due to Ross’ ongoing efforts, TCN Worldwide currently ranks as one of the largest service providers in the industry, consisting of more than 5,000 commercial real estate professionals in 160+ offices across 24 countries, and collectively representing more than $58.6 billion in annual transaction volume.

Ross has over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. His personal experiences include successfully managing an international real estate consortium; managing several regional offices as profit centers; integrating varied business units and objectives into a cohesive marketing and sales plan; and acting as designer, implementer, and spokesman for corporate policy and initiatives.

Ross is a true leader in our industry and TCN Worldwide and its membership benefit greatly from the continuity of his leadership. Thank you, Ross, for everything you do and your ongoing efforts to lead TCN Worldwide to ever greater success.


Ross Ford, Then & Now(ish).
It's an ongoing effort to get anyone in real estate to take a new headshot. 


As we all know, Ross is a man of few words, so we asked him to give us a quote. He gave two. 



“I’m delighted to celebrate 20 years with TCN Worldwide. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the fine people and firms that are part of the group. It has been a lot of fun—I thank you all.” 

“Our members represent some of the very finest professionals in our industry. It’s an honor to work so closely with individuals of this caliber.” 

—Ross Ford


Ross Through the Years:




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