Laurie Kline Celebrates 20 Years at TCN Worldwide!

Laurie Kline Celebrates 20 Years at TCN Worldwide

Congratulations to Laurie Kline on her 20th anniversary at TCN Worldwide! Today is Laurie Kline's 20th anniversary and it is with great pride and appreciation that we congratulate her on 20 years of service with our organization.

Laurie started at TCN Worldwide in 1999 as Ross Ford's, Executive Assistant but it quickly became obvious that she had her finger on the pulse of almost every part of the organization and thus was duly promoted to TCN's Director of Operations. Laurie's responsibilities include special event planning and management, internal operations (contracts, human resources, office management, overseeing accounting/finance functions) and member communications.

She has been a vital asset to the organization and its members for two decades and has helped to see the group through the ups and downs of the real estate industry and the economy to help build TCN into the strong and successful organization it is today.

As Hans Hansson from Starboard Commercial has said, and we all agree, Laurie is a jewel!

Hans stated, “I have worked with Laurie for over eighteen years now. Laurie is a jewel that supports an international real estate organization of independent real estate firms that requires a lot of patience and self-direction which are tools Laurie has.”

We know that the growth and success of our organization are largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members, such as Laurie, and we recognize the contribution she has made during her 20 years with TCN Worldwide.

Laurie, we appreciate your efforts and loyalty and look forward to many more years!



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