2020 DNA of #CRE Results

For its 5th anniversary, Buildout and theBrokerList rebuilt the DNA of #CRE survey from the ground up using feedback on what CRE professionals want to know about the industry.

TCN Worldwide is proud to be one of this year's promotional partners—to make sure as many people as possible get access to CRE’s trends and best practices. The DNA of #CRE is the only survey focused on the people that make up our industry and what they do to be successful.

For the fifth year in a row, Buildout and theBrokerList have partnered for the annual DNA of #CRE survey. The survey provides comprehensive, actionable data to the commercial real estate industry. The 2020 DNA of #CRE Broker & Marketer Results focus on two things: the future and best practices. 

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Thank you to Buildout and theBrokerList for coordinating this year's survey and to everyone who participated in the DNA of #CRE survey, 2020 was its biggest year yet, with almost 900 total responses. This means we have access to the most comprehensive set of data ever collected on the state of CRE—and we’re excited to share it with you.

TCN Worldwide, an alliance of top independent commercial real estate brokerage firms and one of the largest CRE organizations in the industry, is proud to support the 2020 DNA of #CRE survey as a promotional partner. 

About TCN Worldwide

An extensive range of real estate services coupled with a personal commitment to exceed client expectations is what allows TCN Worldwide to be a leader in the commercial real estate industry. With over 1,500 commercial real estate professionals serving more than 200 primary and secondary markets worldwide, TCN Worldwide ranks as one of the largest and most comprehensive service providers in the CRE industry. 

TCN Worldwide provides complete integrated commercial real estate solutions across North America, Asia, The Middle East, Romania, and Australia.

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